3 day First Aid at Work (RQF/SCQF) Training Courses

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(FAW) First Aid at Work - 3 days/18 hours

  • Statutory first aid qualification for higher risk workplaces
  • Designed to provide essential life saving skills and the treatment of illness and injuries in an urban setting until emergency services arrive
  • In line with latest (October 2013) HSE regulations when based on your individual risk assessment
  • Highly practical and contextualised for your workplace
  • Suitable for manufacturing, construction and companies with higher numbers of staff (also suitable for FAW +F)
  • AED (defibrillator) training and assessment is now standard on this course


Please email or phone Andrea on:

07818 258 799

to book a course or visit the booking pages for more information and a price guide.


Certification options: Candidates only needing an Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) qualification can acquire this by successfully completing just day 1 of the FAW course.

Please note: Due to the nature of the work or location of the workplace the 2 day Remote Outdoor First Aid (OFA) course might be your course of choice to provide staff with the most relevant training and comply with latest (October 2013) HSE regulations.

Other training you may also need to consider in addition or instead of FAW/EFAW:

Paediatric First Aid for working with infants and children to meet Ofsted and EYFS regulations

Activity/Sport First Aid for coaching professionals and those working in sport settings

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The courses below are open for those needing individual spaces rather than a group course. Please contact Andrea by phone 07818 258 799 or email to enquire about availability and cost if not stated - thank you.


Open Course Dates

There are no open courses scheduled at present – please email or call Andrea on 07818 258799 if you require this training.