1 or 3 day First Aid for Forestry (EFAW +F or FAW +F) Training Courses

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(EFAW +F or FAW +F) First Aid for Forestry - 1 or 3 days

  • Statutory first aid qualifications in line with latest (November 2015) Forestry Commission First Aid Policy (+F) when based on your individual risk assessment
  • Highly practical and contextualised for your setting and activities
  • Suitable for forest workers, tree surgeons, hauliers, rangers, ecologists and those undertaking site visits in remote areas
  • Covers dealing with life threatening incidents and managing a casualty outdoors and in a remote setting including chainsaw injuries & catastrophic bleeding, crush injuries, head and spinal injuries
  • AED (defibrillator) training and assessment is now standard on this course

Please email or phone Andrea on:

07818 258 799

to book a course or visit the booking pages for more information and a price guide.


Certification: Successful candidates receive the accredited EFAW or FAW qualification with a covering note confirming the additional +F content covered. If you already hold one of these two qualifications, the additional +F content can be covered in a separate 2 hour training session to give you the first aid skills required according to Forestry Comission First Aid Policy.

Please note: The 2 day accredited Outdoor First Aid course might also be your qualification of choice based on your first aid needs assessment if you work outdoors and in forestry. It covers all the content required by current Forestry Commission First Aid Policy (+F) as standard and complies with latest (October 2013) HSE regulations when based on your individual risk assessment. 

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The courses below are open for those needing individual spaces rather than a group course. Please contact Andrea by phone 07818 258 799 or email to enquire about availability and cost if not stated - thank you.


Open Course Dates

There are no open courses scheduled at present – please email or call Andrea on 07818 258799 if you require this training.