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Saturday 28th of June 2014

Outdoor/Forest School First Aid in Lancashire

Had a brilliant 4 days working with Forest School Leaders from all over the North of England and Trainees with Forest School Initiative Lancashire.
Thanks for the phantastic feedback guys, the course is all about you so it's great to know that it works for you feedback to you has been an absolute pleasure to meet you and learn with and from you, keep up the jazzhands and remember - slow down!
I hope you enjoy the pictures and I look forward to meeting up again sometime, good luck to those of you that are still at the assignment stage :-).
If you are interested in arranging some training for your group just get in touch with Andrea on 07818 258799 or email:
Here some feedback from participants:

‘Andrea was a super trainer. She was informative and strict but kept the training humorous and fun. I definitely feel able to deal with situations more confidently and will not hesitate in recommending her as a trainer. Thanks Andrea, I really enjoyed the course’
‘Really enjoyable, informative and a delivery that will stay in memory – thank you’

‘I have really enjoyed the two days. Andy made the course fun but at the same time ensured that all information was delivered effectively. I cannot think of any ways to improve the course, great content and excellently presented’

‘I really enjoyed the course and outdoor scenarios and felt I could ask questions when I didn’t understand’

‘This is my fifth first aid course and I have enjoyed and gained more from this course than others in the past. Very well explained and planned to flow and follow subject as not to confuse people. Great to gain outdoor first aid knowledge’

‘Really good first aid course, far better than others I have been on in the past. Andy is a really great instructor’

‘A much more relevant course than my last one – spent a lot of time practicing the most important aspects of ABC rather than correct bandage knots! A great course full of very useful stuff – thank you’

‘Found that the explanations of the instructor really helped to make sense to know what was happening and reasons for actions. Best first aid course I’ve been on’

‘I have managed to avoid first aid training until now as I thought I was a bit squeamish. However, I have thoroughly enjoyed the 2 days and feel very confident to go forward and use my new skills and knowledge. Thanks Andy, you are a super trainer’

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