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Monday 17th of December 2012

Testimonial - Basic Life Support training for practice nurses

Great testimonial from one of Blackpool's Public Health Nurses I worked with recently:

'I was a participating trainer at a session led by Andrea Bonacker of First Aid Training plus. The session involved Paediatric Basic Life Support training, for both child and baby and was organised by the local NHS Primary Care Trust for GP practice nurses.

The usual atmosphere of these sessions is one of dread interspersed with boredom, as these sessions are mandatory annual up-dates for qualified professionals who have heard it all before, but yet are frightened of appearing ridiculous and incompetent in front of their peer group.

I can only say that this session could not have been more different. Andrea was welcoming and put everyone at ease. She was knowledgeable and enthusiastic, and brought a very fresh approach to the session.

The participants were engaged and attentive, and it was apparent from their questions they were anything but bored. The practical sessions were entirely non-threatening and entered into with enthusiasm. It was obviously a good learning experience from which the participants gained confidence and skill.

I would recommend Andrea and First Aid Training plus to members of the public and professionals alike.' 


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