First Aid Training plus - Autumnal first aid training at Blencathra Field Studies Centre

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Thursday 15th of November 2012

Autumnal first aid training at Blencathra Field Studies Centre

Back at Blencatra Field Studies Centre with beautiful autumnal views for another day of first aid training. More enthusiastic volunteers from Lake District National Park came along for the day to learn emergency first aid skills for when they are out and about in their various roles across the national park. Had a great day with everybody and the ginger bread from my bavarian roots proved very popular too :-).

Here some feedback from the day:

‘This course was superior to the one I did previously – it is logical and practical and succeeds in driving home the key steps in dealing with an incident’

‘Trainer was very clear and enthusiastic. One of the best first aid courses I have been on’

‘Much more enjoyable and informative compared to a first aid course I did 2 years ago, well tailored to needs’

‘Interesting course, Andrea is a very good instructor’

‘Very good basic training for increasing knowledge and confidence; excellent provider and tutor’

‘Practical step by step build up followed immediately by practice with partner – very useful’

‘Good, useful and well presented’

‘ABC incident system was very clear and hopefully I will remember; trainer was clear and very enthusiastic’

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