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Wednesday 5th of September 2012

Fir Ends Primary School staff top notch first aiders

I never thought a first aid course would make me wish I was a kid again going to school but after such an inspiring day with lovely people in a friendly and bright school.....that seems like a very nice prospect :-). It was a real pleasure working with staff from both Fir Ends and Houghton Primary Schools in Cumbria yesterday. Both teams started into the new term by brushing up their emergency first aid skills on a 1 day course with us.

Here some feedback from participants on the day:

‘Best first aid course I have ever been on – thank you!’

‘I will definitely be booking another session – this time for our year 5 and 6 children - excellent day’

‘Thanks for making it so interactive – the repetition made it easier to remember’

‘Very useful and presented information in a way that was possible to remember and be of use’

‘I have been on many first aid courses – this was by far the best – excellent’

‘Thank you for making the course enjoyable. The repetition of doing ABC has helped me to feel more confident. Well delivered!’

‘Good visual aids – thank you!’

‘Many thanks Andy & Sue, very informative, I now feel much more confident’

‘Thank you very much indeed, the course was excellent! A suitable balance of clarity, reality and information to help me’

‘Excellent, really liked the practical and progressive nature of the course, really helps with learning’

'I thought the day was excellent and our trainer, Andrea, was absolutely first class! She had just the right balance of creating a sense of urgent need to learn what to do when the pressure is on, and a sense of enjoyment so that we learned properly and carefully throughout the day'







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