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Wednesday 7th of March 2012

Best first Aid course ever attended

Malham Tarn Field Centre - what a gorgeous setting to hold a first aid course - pitty we were indoors most of this glorious day but the views across the tarn from the training room were incredible nonetheless (and guess who forgot the camera!?). Had a very enjoyable day working with lovely staff from different Field Studies Council centres, lot's of laughs and cups of tea and everybody working really hard.

"Best first aid course ever attended, the trainer was phantastic and very informative"

"Course was very well run, thorough and enjoyable"

"Very professional and informative for basic skills"

"First time I have done a first aid course, wasn't sure what to expect. I feel I have gained a good knowledge of emergency first aid, much of which I was previously unaware of - thank you :-)!" 

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